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Know Vasundhara

Know Vasundhara Das....She's a wonderful girl!

These are a few of my favourite things...

Line I love to say..Live and let Live

Loved reading it..The Fountain Head

Can hear that voice morning and night..Aziza Mustafa Zahed

Feel intoxicated by that fragrance..Armani

Turn into a glutton..in the presence of food

A completely chilled out place..Pecos

Have a blast shopping there..Just....

Love to wear...Fusion clothes

I am in love with..Life

Just can't stand..Arrogance

Would love to be remembered as..A happy individual

Makes me red...Chillies/sun

Turns me green..Fantastic voices

Caught red handed...eating chocolates very often

I'd like to be...successful

Person I dream of..Ricky Martin

Moments I cherish...my first ever performance

An Ideal Gateway...Kerala

A sin I'd love to Commit....eat till I die

I long for...Chocolate

My favourite body part (of myself)....my eyes

My favourite hangout...The only place

My favourite website..www.google.com

Before I die...I will write an autobiography

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