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Popularly known as the 'shakalaka baby' of Chennai, Vasundhara Das has done almost everything from singing to acting to sizzling!! The young girl is talent personified and has many a thing to be proud on to learn more about her...

Name - Vasundhara Das

Popularly called -'Shakalaka baby'

Sex Appeal - Spectacular grey eyes, brown hair and a flawless complexion

Age - 22

Mother - Nirmala Das, Scientist with the Indian Institute of Science

Dad - CEO of a MNC in Bangalore

Born as - Hebbar Iyengar

Place - Bangalore

Education - BA Economics, Mount Carmel College, Bangalore

Hobbies - Travelling, Nature Sports, Adventure Sports like White water rafting, camping.

Passionate about - Music.

Guru - Pandit Parameshwara Hegde of Keherwana Gharana

Fave type of music - Western, Jazz, Pop, Hindustani Classical

Acting was - By chance

First Movie - Hey Ram

First Song - 'Shakalaka baby' in Mudhalvan

First Album - Meri Jaan

Fave actor - Kamal Hassan

Fave singer - Aziza Mustafa Zadeh who sings in Arabic

Languages Known - English, Tamil, Telugu, Spanish, Kannada

Wants to be known as a - Versatile artist, a multilingual Person

Movies so far - 15 Tamil films, 3 Telugu films, acting in a Malayalam film and more offers are pouring in.

Intimate scene in Hey Ram - Quite comfortable and because the script needed it.

Body - Plump from the beginning

Her looks- That happened affter college when she went on diets and exercises to reduce weight and look good.

Most challenging scene - The hospital scene in Hey Ram

With fame came - Recognition, people recognising Vasundhara on the roads and wished her good luck.

Recent wish - To sing in for all her songs in her films

Current movies - Mira Nair's 'Monsoon wedding', 'Acham Thavir' with Madhavan

These are a few of my favourite things...

Line I love to say..Live and let Live

Loved reading it..The Fountain Head

Can hear that voice morning and night..Aziza Mustafa Zahed

Feel intoxicated by that fragrance..Armani

Turn into a the presence of food

A completely chilled out place..Pecos

Have a blast shopping there..Just....

Love to wear...Fusion clothes

I am in love with..Life

Just can't stand..Arrogance

Would love to be remembered as..A happy individual

Makes me red...Chillies/sun

Turns me green..Fantastic voices

Caught red handed...eating chocolates very often

I'd like to be...successful

Person I dream of..Ricky Martin

Moments I first ever performance

An Ideal Gateway...Kerala

A sin I'd love to till I die

I long for...Chocolate

My favourite body part (of myself) eyes

My favourite hangout...The only place

My favourite

Before I die...I will write an autobiography

Ques: One line on 'Hey Ram!'
V.D: It's a film that has to be watched. A must see, despite its box-office rating.

Ques: Favourite film director?
V.D: I am not a movie buff so I don't have favourites. I am just now getting to see a lot of films.

Ques: Would you do a 'Fire'?
V.D: I would think about it. I wouldn't say a no, outright.

Ques: Which came first. Hey Ram or 'Shakalaka Baby'
V.D: Hey Ram! I sang 'Shakalaka' much after shooting started.

Ques: On Kissing Kamal?
V.D: Very clinical

Ques: What's your kind of music?
V.D: I like to listen to a lot of world music. Spanish music, Portuguese music. I sing in Spanish. And English and Hindi, Tamil and Telugu too.

Ques: Why this sudden popularity of Latin Music?
V.D: It's just that a lot of Latin stars have come to the international arena recently. Otherwise Latin music has always been very popular. It's lot more 'Daney' than it used to be. Lots of kids from the younger generation are listening to it. It's music that comes from the heart that you can dance to. It's got a new definition since Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez entered the scene.

Ques: On your Dubai trip?
V.D: During the Dubai shopping festival, there was this Indian Pavilion there. And I was there representing South India along with singer Srinivas.

Ques: What does Indi Pop mean to you?
V.D: A lot of experimentation. But I don't see people exploiting the actual sense of Indi, as much as they are doing pop. There is more pop than Indi.

Ques: Favourite Singers?
V.D: Many, I like Sting. As a kid the inspiration was Whitney Huston. And my Guru Pandit Parameshwar Hegde. He taught me Hindustani music in Bangalore, for the past six years.

Ques: Favourite music Composer?
V.D: I like Sting's arrangements. Rehman is fantastic. He lets me experiment.

Ques: How far would you go to get a role you wanted?
V.D.: If I was meant to get it I would. Probably I would let them know that I am interested. Nothing beyond that.

Ques: Any secret dreams?
V.D: To be a big, big, big popular singer. With great, great, great tracks to my credit. And to have everybody that I love around me.

Ques: Your greatest fear?
V.D: Darkness.

Ques: Quality you most hate in a man?
V.D.: Chauvinism.

Ques: Quality you love in a man?
V.D.: Open Mindedness.

Ques: Your idea of love?
V.D: It's wonderful thing. And needs to be cherished and nourished.

Ques: A compliment you can't forget?
V.D: From my mother. When she let me go and said, "I don't know what will happen. But I know you will do it,".

Ques: Singing or acting?
V.D: Both

Ques: Would you marry someone with no bank balance, but a big heart?
V.D: Definitely, in a jiffy.

Ques: If you were caught in a lift with crazy fans?
V.D: I would indulge them in conversation. (Giggles).

Ques: Choose between a Kamal and a Ghai Film
V.D.: I will do both

Ques: Don't play safe!
V.D: (Giggles). Ok Now that I've seen this side, probably I would want to see the other side too!